First Timers

A dedicated programme to make the most of your 1st MIPIM !

  • Attending MIPIM for the first time can be a bit overwhelming: there is much to see, many people to meet, and lots of events to attend! But no need to worry... at MIPIM, there is a dedicated lounge club called "First Timer HQ" and special services designed exclusively to help address all of your needs, questions and objectives.

  • A vip experience just for you

    Mipim First Timer Logo
    Accreditation Desk Logo

    Dedicated registration desk

    Mipim first timer Lounge

    Dedicated lounge

  • Complimentary Breakfast mipim 1st timers

    Complimentary breakfast & lunch

    Trained staff for Mipim 1st timers

    Trained staff

  • Concierge for mipim 1st timers


    Cocktail for mipim 1st timers

    First Timer bar at the Welcome Reception

  • Networking for mipim 1st timers

    Networking sessions with MIPIM Pionneers

    gifts for mipim 1st timers

    Welcome gift (limited availability)

  • Participants

    Find out who attended MIPIM

    See all participants

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