Beware of fraudulent providers

  • Who Are They?

    Show participants have reported falling victim to fraudulent providers presenting themselves under names such as Allen & Stratton Events, Capital Exhibitions, Krystel Karam International, Premier Destinations, Expo Pros PLC, Euro-Events, European Convention Bureau , Global Living Group, Gold Exhibition, The Ultimate Living Group, Riviera Network, Business Travel International, Concierge Plus Group, Expo Travel Group, Euro Concierge Net, Euro Events Expo, ITC Today, Originata Event, Riviera Luxury Limousines, Stareventz, Splash llc, Splendor Global or Universal shows (this is not an exhaustive list).

    How Do The Frauds Work?

    • A fraudulent venture repetitively emails our show participants with offers (apartment, hotel, room, transportation...) for the duration of the show.
    • Their website and/or emails mention our shows' names and logos, creating what looks like a trustworthy environment.
    • They promote attractive deals with local providers.
    • Once payment has been received, the ‘company’ generally disappears and can no longer be contacted by phone or email.

    How Does It Affect Participants?

    This practice undermines our participants.

    For example, when they arrive at the hotel or residence where the booking has been made, they discover that their reservation doesn’t exist. They must then find last-minute accommodation and have no possibility of getting their money back.

    How Can you Avoid These Frauds?

    Before making any commitment with an unknown provider, we recommend that you:

    • Thoroughly check all documentation regarding the company making the offer. In France, for example, all property rental agencies and travel agencies must hold a professional license, a bank guarantee and civil liability insurance. These details must be included on all official documentation, including their website.
    • Do not only rely on the presence of our logos on providers’ websites, as it appears that the Reed MIDEM name and those of our events are being used unlawfully.
    • Book through a trusted transportation provider such as Sixt, Chabé, Azur Hélicoptère, Air France. More information about travel and transportation here.
    • Book through a trusted accommodation provider such as Cannes Rentals Certification, Everything Cannes, Immosol, and Dovetail Foks. Reed MIDEM can also help you book your accommodation with partner hotels.
    • Verify that a provider is trustworthy by contacting our Accommodation Department. More information about accommodation here.
  • Need Assistance?

    Contact the Customer Help Desk

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